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Natural Pest Control Services Guaranteed in Greater Boise & McCall

SAFE for Families & Pets

The Best Pest Control Services are Natural!

✔ Safe

Spider Man’s all natural pest control is a SAFE and EFFECTIVE way to keep pests out without posing a risk to your family, or pets!

✔ Effective

Spiderman Natural Pest Control Service are leading the way in the pest control industry by combining the most advanced technology with all-natural products & treatments. Our regular pest control plan ELIMINATES unwanted pests in your home & and PREVENTS infestations year-round!

✔ Guaranteed

Spider-Man’s natural blend of plant oils is Guaranteed EFFECTIVE at controlling common household pests, including: ants, spiders (we sweep spider webs), crickets, earwigs, beetles & several other pesky bugs. Our specialized all-natural pest control treatments keep working till we treat again… So your home is always protected – GUARANTEED!

How it Works

✓ Your 1st Service

Your first is an “initial clean-out” to eliminate pests already inside your home. Your Spider-Man NATURAL service technician is clean-cut, certified by the state of Idaho, and do an excellent job. They’re happy to answer your questions, and explain your treatments so that you are comfortable from the start! 

✓ Annual Maintenance Plan

After your first clean-out service is completed, our customer care team of experts will get you scheduled on a regular pest control program that PREVENTS future pest invasions. Your regularly scheduled pest control service MAINTAINS that all-natural pest protection around your home & yard year-round… PREVENTING future pest issues!

Satisfaction Guarantee

We are not happy till you’re happy! All Spider-Man’s customers on the annual pest control plan are GUARANTEED against insect invasions. FREE retreats are provided if you ever need one!

If you ever get a pest invasion between your regular services, please give us a jingle during normal business hours, a text or email after hours, and consider it done! Our office staff will get you scheduled for a FREE re-treat, with NO extra cost to you! Our professional team is dedicated to keeping your home pest free. Happy customers are our highest priority, so please let us know if there is ever a problem!

Providing a superior Natural Pest Control service by using Premium All-Natiral Pest Control Products, using natural treatment methods, furthering our education and training, and paying attention to details for you.

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Spider-Man’s Natural Services

Our all-natural pest control services are leading the pest management industry into the future with REAL eco-safe products and EFFECTIVE natural treatments for your pest control needs.

Pest Prevention

Our first pest control priority is to PREVENT pest problems in the 1st place! There are many things you can do alongside your regular pest control service to keep pests under control. These include easy fixes like removing food crumbs and other debris, fixing leaking pipes, sealing cracks, securing gaps, and screening vents.


Spider Man’s pest control professionals will inspect your home inside and out for current pest problems and conditions that can potentially contribute to future infestations. Our professional pest control specialist may suggest solutions for your home designed to reduce pest resources and help prevent big bug problems. Fixing contributing conditions empowers natural pest control treatments to have the most effective results! 


After your inspection, our pest control pros will treat your home with an effective service targeting specific pests, with all-natural pest control products. Then, they’ll remove any accessible spiderwebs and wasp nests around your home.

Following pest control treatments we provide you with a detailed service report of pest control performed and any recommendations to help keep your home pest free.


After we’ve eliminated existing pests with an Initial Clean Out, our regularly scheduled pest control services MAINTAIN a protective barrier and PREVENT future pest problems around your homes:

  • Interior and Exterior Perimeters & Common Insect Entry Points
  • Garage
  • Front & Back Yard Landscaping
  • Shed or Pool Equipment
  • Porch or Patio & Outside Furniture
  • Harboring Areas Specific to Your Home

Natural Pest Control solutions may include sealing cracks that lead into your home, advising a new door sweep, sprinkler repair, or adjusting sprinklers to water less,.

Before re-treats, we like to make sure that product application is needed to ensure your healthy environment. For example, if you had pest control service a week ago, seeing a single bug doesn’t always mean a retreat is needed.

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Affordable Prices

EFFECTIVE Natural Pest Control services use a variety of 100% all-natural plant oils & premium products. These completely natural products cost a bit more than traditional pest control products ONLY because of product costs… Prices start at $69 per month!

Same-Day Natural Services

Our office staff is dedicated to getting pest infestations under control as fast as possible. Same-day services are available depending on the season and demand.


No ONE pest control product can successfully treat all common pests or pest infestations. Using the wrong products for any given pest leads to failed control, festering infestations, and frustration. Correct pest identification ensures correct product application for an EFFECTIVE pest control treatment.

Bed Bugs, German Roaches, Rodents, and Termite Control for a Termite Problem have specialized treatment

Schedule Natural Services

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✅ Spider-Man’s customers on regular pest control schedules are always GUARANTEED against insect invasions. FREE retreats are provided if you ever need one!

✅ If you ever get a pest invasion between your regular services, please give us a jingle during normal business hours, a text or email after hours, and consider it done! Our office staff will get you scheduled for a FREE re-treat, with NO extra cost to you!

Targeted Natural Pest Control

Your Spider Man’s pest control technician provides targeted pest control treatments that EFFECTIVELY eliminate unwanted pests without posing risks to your family, pets, or environment!

Using the most up-to-date all-natural technologies for great service that rids your home of pests quickly. Targeting your specific needs with exceptional service, all-natural pest solutions, and a customized pest control plan for a pest-free environment.

Natural pest control also supports healthy air, groundwater, and soil, making it a sustainable long-term solution to pest management. With natural pest control, you can enjoy a pest-free home and yard while protecting your little spot on the planet.

Common Insects Controlled with Natural Services & Applications Include (but not limited to)

  • Ants
  • Beetles
  • Cockroaches
  • Dark and Yellow Mealworms
  • Earwigs
  • Mites
  • Spiders, Black Widow Spiders, Hobo Spiders, etc.
  • Paper Wasps
  • Crickets

Service Areas

  • STAR
  • KUNA
  • McCall

Delivering GUARANTEED Pest Control in Greater Boise & McCall Idaho and Surrounding Areas

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